5 OCT- 18 NOV 2012

Female Fighters

Photography Exhibition

by Amelia Shepherd

Female Fighters alters the face of the urban landscape. A year-long project documenting female kick-boxers culminates in a city-wide campaign installation.

In addition to two exhibition venues, the poster campaign utilises the streets to display 20 portraits for passers-by to encounter. The interface between artist, participant and audience becomes intermingled creating different levels of engagement. A compelling set of portraits of female kick-boxers is presented along with multimedia installations that challenge common representations of women, offering insights into their multi-layered lives.

The concept developed through Shepherd's own practice in kickboxing - "generally reactions focus on 'aggression' or 'violence'. These ill-placed misconceptions motivated me. I'm interested in how such labels affect us as females."


Follow the gloves

To find 20 Female Fighters portraits across the city.

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Venue A

Brighton Media Centre Gallery
15-17 Middle St
Mon- Sun 10am-5pm

Private View Sat 6 6-9pm*

Venue B

Sundial Physio Clinic
111 Queens Rd

Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm
Sat 10am-2pm

Private View Fri 12 6-9pm *

Female Fighters portrait photographs are on display at Sundial Clinic using window spaces viewable from the street and wall spaces.
*In association with Blind Field Collective's exhibition A-Z

Female Fighters Multimedia Installations are exhibited at Brighton Media Centre Gallery.
*In association with ArtsFORUM 2:0 exhibition.